We are experts in company formations, whether you are interested in E-Packages for registering Company Names through to All-In-One Company Formation packages. Paramount Formations can help you to set up a Limited Company today. Read our blog posts below for useful tips, advice and the latest news in company formations.

Forming a company is a process of legally incorporating and registering your company with Companies House. The fastest way to do this is by completing an online application form. 

15th September 2022

It is possible to change the name of your existing limited company. The registration number and date of incorporation will remain the same but the registered name will change and providing your chosen new name is available to be registered.

14th June 2022
7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Business Name

Whether you’re buying a ready-made company or starting up your own, every business needs a name. And it is vitally important to choose the right one. The choice could be the difference between your company becoming a great success or disappearing into obscurity. 

13th April 2022
How To Take The Hassle Out Of Running Your Business With Paramount Company Formations

Running a business can involve a lot of admin tasks - some of which you may be unsure how to go about, or when you’re just getting started, you could even be unaware that you need to do them. Here we explain some of the things you may need to do for your business and how we can help take care of them for you.

15th October 2021
Have You Budgeted To Buy A Business?

An important part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is to carefully consider your finances and not overextend yourself. As budgeting is a critical component of any business, in this article we explore how to prepare a sensible budget when buying and managing a business.

22nd December 2020
Should You Start A Business With Your Spouse?

Starting a business with your significant other may sound like a fantastic idea, but operating a family business can add a new level of challenges and dynamics, which should be considered before you start your business venture.

27th February 2020
Are You Ready to Become a Limited Company?

If you’re a sole trader, you may have set up as such in the beginning to make things easier from an administrative point of view. And now that you’re earning more, you may be thinking of setting up a limited company.

17th June 2019
Should I Change My Business Name?

Your business name may have sounded great when you registered it, but sometimes names don’t stand the test of time. Whatever the reason for changing your company name, it isn’t a decision to take lightly, so there are a few things you should take into consideration before you start ordering new business cards.

16th May 2019
5 Tips for Setting up a Limited Company

Whether you are a sole trader setting up as a limited company or you’re setting up a brand new business, forming a limited company is an exciting time. Read on to find out our five top tips for setting up a limited company.

9th April 2019
Taking the Headaches out of Registering a Limited Company

Starting your own limited company is always a daunting process. So, one thing to make your life less stressful is to use Paramount Formations’ Friendly Combined Packages Company Registration service.

1st June 2018


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