For information regarding the formation of dormant companies, dormant company requirements and why you might make a company dormant, read our blog posts below.

Can You Register A Business Name And Not Use It

You can register a business name and not use it, and there are a couple of scenarios where this may be the best course of action.

11th January 2022
A Guide To Dormant Companies

A dormant company is a limited company that is not currently trading. If you set up a business and register it as a limited company, you do not have to start trading straight away if the time is not right for you.

30th November 2018
Can I Register a Ready Made Company and Leave It Dormant?

A Paramount Customer Asks: I am interested in obtaining a certain company, but I am not in a position to start trading with it for a while yet - can I register a company but leave it dormant?

Whilst you can register a company and then leave it dormant, you will need to ensure it meets certain criteria to make it eligible. But first things first, why would you register a dormant company?

28th October 2016

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