Ready made or off-the-shelf companies are a fantastic time-saving option, as your new company is pre-existing and already registered with Companies House. For advice on all aspects of a ready made company from the experts, keep reading.

What is an Off the Shelf Company

An off the shelf company is a pre-existing company that is already registered with Companies House and ready for you to start trading.

4th February 2022
Why A Ready-Made Company Will Start You Off on the Right Foot

Starting a business can be a little overwhelming. You’ve no doubt invested a lot of time, trust and money into your new venture, and you have the weight of the world on your shoulders to prove that you can make a success of it. We understand that, and our ready-made company packages aim to take the pressure off the dull administrative paperwork and legal side of the start-up process as much as possible.

16th July 2018
Why Consider Off The Shelf Companies?

There are plenty of reasons for buying a ready made UK company, apart from the obvious ‘time saving’ approach. If you’re already reading this, you may already be curious as to how a ready made company, more commonly known as an off the shelf company, could fit with your new business venture. To make it simple, we’ve created a list of benefits for you.

10th January 2018
Should I Buy A Ready Made Company?

Ready made companies are companies that have already been registered with Companies House.

They offer a number of benefits, making them a tempting choice for business-minded people. 

24th April 2017
Can I Change The Name Of An Off The Shelf Company?

A Paramount Customer Asks: I'm looking to buy an off the shelf limited company to start my own business and would like to change the name to something else. Is this possible? Can you help?

22nd November 2016
Why Buy A Ready Made Limited Company

We take you through the benefits of choosing a ready-made company for your new company venture.

19th August 2016

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