Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this age-old debate question may be a topic of interest: Are some of us born with entrepreneurial genes or is business-savvy something that can be taught to mould you into an excellent businessperson?

In this article, we look at both sides of this debate that can often divide opinion.

Entrepreneurs Are Born

Nature vs nurture arguments are highly intriguing and often widely researched and debated. But when focusing on entrepreneurship, there is no clear answer.

Some believe you are born an entrepreneur; others believe you can become one through your actions. It has even been suggested that there is an “entrepreneur gene” that some say predisposes us for success in our chosen ventures.

There have also been many personality and aptitude tests done, and from research you can see that there are often three key foundational DNA pillars behind entrepreneurial success:

  • High fluid intelligence
  • High openness
  • Moderate agreeableness

Further research of molecular genetics also shows that that there is genetic heritability to four core entrepreneurial traits, each of which increases the likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur:

  • The likelihood of starting a business 
  • The ability to identify new business opportunities
  • The tendency to become self-employed
  • Extroversion (extroverts tend to have an easier time making new connections, leading followers and engaging in a wider community)

There is also the element of passion within the entrepreneurial nature argument. For example, Richard Branson was likely born with the above DNA traits, but may not have been as successful if these traits were not applied the right way, at the right moment, and with a clear passion for business.

It seems that it goes a bit deeper than simply being born with certain personality and aptitude traits. The ability to apply those traits the right way and in the right space is more likely what makes an entrepreneur successful, on top of having these hereditary qualities as a person.

Entrepreneurs Are Made

If we apply ourselves unconditionally, many believe this is how entrepreneurial success is made. Namely, if nurture did not exist within greatness, training programmes and the education system would be worthless. And they are proven to support achievement and self-improvement.

Successful entrepreneurs may be born with ideal traits to be successful, but it is important that they apply their traits a certain way because no one is born with all the traits necessary to be 100% successful on their own. Every entrepreneur to exist will have had others that they could turn to for advice and learn from.

Realistically, with significant drive, commitment and patience, you might be even more likely to succeed than someone genetically predisposed to starting a business.

Entrepreneurship: Born and Made Combined

There have been many studies attempting to answer this question, and they've landed on each side of the argument.

It seems most likely that entrepreneurs are both born and made, and that’s how so many people have become successful business owners; if you get the balance right between your nature and how you are nurtured and apply your passion, then you can effectively achieve.

Whether you're predisposed to become an entrepreneur due to your genetic makeup, or whether that disposition comes from your environment, conditioning or other external influences; you can still have business success. The key to continual success always has to be willingness to improve your skills, gaining experience as a businessperson and committing yourself to better ideas.

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