Stamping your company name as your own to protect the name from competition is highly important. Unlike a business name or partnership, registration protects your limited companies name. This means by law, no-one else can use it.

Three Steps You Should Take to Shield Your Business Identity

Register the Company

It is best to register your company by registering with Companies House as early as possible. Registering the company name precludes a third-party from registering the same name, and nobody else can try to claim it. This is an advantage of becoming a limited company – a sole trader would not get the same protection for their business name.

Register a Domain

Even if you have legally registered your company, competitors could still register a domain in the company name. Even if you do not plan to set up a website, it is worth doing to protect your company from any potential negativity or problems, be it reputational or added effort and cost in the long-term.

Keep an Eye on Your Business

There are various subscription services available offering frequent updates on relevant new company formations, name changes and variations of your company name. Staying up to date and tracking the name and reputation of your company can keep your mind at ease.

In Need of Any Advice?

We understand a lot of effort goes into starting a limited company, which it is why it is important to protect your company name to eliminate the possibility of someone trying to take advantage of your efforts.

If you would like any advice, assistance or guidance on company formation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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