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The Best UK Towns To Start A Business - Northampton Guildhall

SME insurance provider Superscript recently reported on the most entrepreneurial towns in the UK, and the results may come as a surprise.

6th December 2021
What Insurance Do You Need To Start A Business?

Starting your own business requires a lot of thought and planning, and there are many things you need to put in place before you begin trading. One of these things is insurance. Let’s take a look at the insurance you may need for your business.

16th November 2021
How To Become An Ethical Business

With many discerning customers looking to change their buying habits, ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products and business practices have never been more popular or more important. But how do you become a more ethical business and begin to reap the rewards, not just for your company but for the world we live in?

17th September 2021
5 Steps For Setting Up As A Consultancy

What’s involved in being a consultant, is it the right decision for you, and what steps do you need to take to get there?

16th August 2021
How To Upscale Your Small Business

Your business may have started small, but for many entrepreneurs, the goal is to go big. So how do you scale up your business successfully while maintaining all the great work you’ve already done?

16th June 2021
Common Product Business Terms Explained

When you’re starting a new business, there can be a lot to set up and become familiar with. One of the things you may need to brush up on in the early days is the language used within the trade. Here we explain some of the jargon and acronyms used by product businesses and suppliers.

13th May 2021
5 Branding Considerations When Starting A Business

One of the key factors to consider when setting up and starting your company is your brand. In this article we look at five points that are worth considering when it comes to branding your start-up.

13th April 2021
What To Expect When Applying For A Start Up Loan

Start-up businesses have considerable costs in their early stages, so many people turn to loans. But what is a start-up loan? And is your business eligible for one? In this article we explore everything you need to know about start-up loans.

25th March 2021
What Insurance Do You Need To Start A Business From Home?

There are a host of benefits that come with choosing to start and run your new business from home, but to do so you need to be adequately insured. As there are so many types of cover out there, in this article we look at some of the options you should research as a potential home-based business owner.

9th February 2021
Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this age-old debate question may be a topic of interest: Are some of us born with entrepreneurial genes or is business-savvy something that can be taught to mould you into an excellent businessperson?

18th January 2021


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