Company Formation

The key difference between a Vintage Company and a Ready Made Company, or Shelf Company, is predominantly the company age.

Once Companies have been created and registered with Companies House, they are kept “On The Shelf” until they are bought. One or more years after the initial registration, Ready Made Companies have aged and can be classified as Vintage Companies.

When bought, the Companies have a historic appearance to them. For example, a Vintage Company formed 2008 would be now established for 8 years. Having these years of history in the Company can help you to establish accounts with suppliers, which will be a significant benefit as you start up your new company. Similar to Ready Made Companies, Vintage Companies are available for immediate use and have a company number assigned to them, due to their registration with Companies House upon initial incorporation.

Another benefit of Vintage Companies is that Company Name Change services are available, subject to name availability. This allows you to add your own Company Name to a company which has existed for years, adding the personal feel to your company that aligns with what you are aiming to achieve. Suddenly instead of having a Ready Made Company with your Company Name, you are able to begin your business with the appearance of a long-standing business that has history behind it.

If this sounds like the ideal company type for you, check out our Vintage Companies For Sale.

* All timescales are dependent on how busy Companies House/HMRC are and if their system is operating normally.

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