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Company Add-Ons to Benefit Your Business

Knowing all of your options before committing to a business decision is a no-brainer. But did you know it’s important to know all of your options before purchasing a ready-made company? We offer a number of additional products and services that can be crucial to the development of your business. Our top 5 company add-ons are listed below.

31st August 2017
Should I Buy A Ready Made Company?

Ready made companies are companies that have already been registered with Companies House.

They offer a number of benefits, making them a tempting choice for business-minded people. 

24th April 2017
VAT Registration

Registering your business for VAT is a legal obligation when your VAT taxable turnover reaches the threshold. You can register for VAT before this point if you wish, and there are many benefits as to why you might choose to do so. Getting VAT registration right is hugely important, and the team at Paramount Company Formations can assist you through each and every step. 

24th March 2017
Everything You Need To Know About EORI

Obtaining an EORI number is a legal requirement if you wish to trade (import or export) goods outside of the EU. It was introduced in 2009, and allows you, or your business, you to trade safely. Depending on whether or not you are VAT registered in the UK, will depend on which form you will need to complete, and Paramount Formations can help with this.

23rd February 2017
How To Set Up & Register A Limited Company In The UK

Are you thinking of setting up and registering a limited company in the UK? The process can seem daunting for some, especially if you’re hoping to set up a business in the UK from abroad. The good news is we’ll talk you through the details, and the better news is we can sort it all out for you too.

20th January 2017
What Is The VAT Threshold, And Should I Register For VAT Even If I’m Below It?

A Paramount Customer Asks: I have already registered my company with Companies House, but we have not reached the VAT turnover threshold. Can I still pay for the VAT registration with yourselves, and what will I need to provide you with to begin the process? 

14th December 2016
Can I Change The Name Of An Off The Shelf Company?

A Paramount Customer Asks: I'm looking to buy an off the shelf limited company to start my own business and would like to change the name to something else. Is this possible? Can you help?

22nd November 2016
Can I Register a Ready Made Company and Leave It Dormant?

A Paramount Customer Asks: I am interested in obtaining a certain company, but I am not in a position to start trading with it for a while yet - can I register a company but leave it dormant?

Whilst you can register a company and then leave it dormant, you will need to ensure it meets certain criteria to make it eligible. But first things first, why would you register a dormant company?

28th October 2016
Why Buy A Ready Made Limited Company

We take you through the benefits of choosing a ready-made company for your new company venture.

19th August 2016
Company Formation

Discover the differences between Ready Made and Vintage Companies, and the benefits of buying Vintage.

11th August 2016


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