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Company Formation

Discover the differences between Ready Made and Vintage Companies, and the benefits of buying Vintage.

11th August 2016
Business Continuity and Contingency Planning

Most people do not want to consider or talk about what happens when a business partner dies. However, it is an important part of planning when forming a business in order to avoid struggling to implement the next steps for the business during a difficult time.

9th June 2015
How are Directors Affected During Bankruptcy or Insolvency?

Under new insolvency rules, if under restrictions from bankruptcy directors can now be disqualified from acting as a limited company director.

9th June 2015
Why You Should File Your Annual Return

Every company must file an annual return at Companies House at least once every 12 months. An annual return is a picture of the basic company information about it's company directors and it's registered office address, shareholders and share capital on a particular date.

9th June 2015
How Many Directors Does A Limited Company Need?

A minimum of one director is required to register a company. Following registration, your company must have at least one director, but there is no statutory limit to the number of directors a company appoints during or after incorporation. 

9th June 2015


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