What Do I Need To Open a Business Bank Account?

Opening a business bank account should be easy but the average trip to the High Street for business banking may leave you frustrated - given that most banks no longer have local business managers.

Many bank staff also have a habit of offering you access to their “Very Useful DIY Website” or “Handy” call centre and get you to do all the leg work yourself! Not what you want if you need to make things happen quickly.

So, for a better way to open a company business bank account both quickly and painlessly, Paramount Formations can help you avoid the High Street headaches.

How are we able to do this? As part of our Company Registration package for Ready Made Companies, we can (with your permission) securely pass on your “Know your client” information to a professional Barclays Bank business account opening team. They are then able to use your prechecked “Who you are” and “Where you live” documentation to significantly speed up your bank account’s opening.

During the second part of the process, we directly supply them with all your new company corporate information which includes: certificate of registration, memorandum & articles, and related Companies House details for all the directors.

By delivering both of these sets of information as part of our professional service, we can help you to cut weeks off the time sometimes taken to open a new business bank account.

If you are also looking to register for VAT, take a look at our complete “All in one” package. This avoids the painful challenges of separately registering for VAT and of course comes with a free business bank account and your Paramount Formations ready-made company. All to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. For more information, call us on 0800 0198 698 or contact us online.

* All timescales are dependent on how busy Companies House/HMRC are and if their system is operating normally.

* All prices are plus VAT 

* See terms and conditions regarding release of codes